This course is an introduction to SAS programming.  The target audience includes graduate students in various fields who are planning to take statistical methods courses that require SAS programming, as well as students of statistics who plan to use SAS extensively.  The course may serve as a starting point for those wishing to become certified in SAS programming.  For statisticians and researchers, a good working knowledge of SAS is a highly marketable skill.  There are also excellent career opportunities for those who are interested in specializing in SAS Programming.  Since the needs of individual students vary widely, our goals will be to:

  1. Acquire SAS skills to support what will be learned in Statistics classes (most actual analysis techniques will be left to the appropriate STAT class).

  2. Acquire skills in data handling and data display that will be useful in a variety of research settings.

  3. Develop an ability to learn new techniques through familiarity with help, manuals, and other sources of information.

  4. Glimpse the power and possibilities of SAS.