SAS Tutorial


Chapter 0:  Introduction


What is SAS?  Who is SAS?

A Simple Example

Homework Guidelines

--------------SAS Programming I---------------

Chapter 1:  Elementary Data Step Techniques

Lesson 1:  Introduction to PC SAS

Lesson 2:  Data Sets and Libraries

Lesson 3:  Appearance, Infile, Labels and Informats

Lesson 4:  Numeric Formats and Informats

Lesson 5:  Input styles

Lesson 6:  Creating Variables

Lesson 7:  Data Set Options, Set and Merge

Chapter 2:  Common SAS Procedures

Lesson 8:  Proc Print and Proc Sort, with Introduction to ODS

Lesson 9:  Proc Rank, Proc Contents, and Proc Format

Lesson 10:  Proc Univariate and More About ODS

Lesson 11:  Proc Means and Proc Freq

Lesson 12:  Proc Chart, Proc Plot, and Proc Corr

Lesson 13:  Proc Reg

Lesson 14:  Proc Transpose and Proc Report

Chapter 3:  Advanced Data Step Techniques

Lesson 15:  Tabs and Other Delimiters

Lesson 16:  Multiple Lines, Multiple Observations

Lesson 17:  Generating Random Data

Lesson 18:  Using Arrays to Program With Variables

Lesson 19:  Project  Yahtzee Simulation

Lesson 20: 

Lesson 21: Data Null

Chapter 4:  Advanced Programming

Lesson 22:  SQL

Lesson 23: 

Lesson 24:  Macro

Lesson 25: 

Lesson 26:  Introduction to SAS Graph

Lesson 27: 

Chapter 5:  Menu Driven Interfaces

Lesson 28:  Analyst & Insight

-------------------SAS Programming II--------------------

Video Introduction

Chapter 6:  IML

Lesson 31:  Introduction to IML 

Lesson 32:  Data Sets and Subscripts

Lesson 33:  Headers, Do Loops, and Sampling

Lesson 34:  SAS Data Sets and Matrices

Lesson 35:  Modules

Chapter 7:  Simulations

Lesson 36:  First Simulation

Lesson 37:  Simulating Power and Significance

Lesson 38:  Power and Regression

Lesson 39:  A Binomial Problem

Lesson 40:  Bootstrap for Model Selection Frequencies

Lesson 41: Bootstrap II

Lesson 42:  Bootstrap III

Lesson 43:  Bootstrap IV

Chapter 8:  ODS

Lesson 44:  Creating Excel files and traffic lighting

Lesson 45:  Ods Graphics in Proc Reg

Lesson 46:  Ods Document and Proc Document

Chapter 9:  SAS Graph

Lesson 47:  Review of SAS Proc Gplot

Lesson 48:  Proc Gplot and Proc Gchart

Lesson 49:  Proc G3D and Proc Contour

Lesson 50:  Proc G3D and Proc Contour

Chapter 10:  Certification


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